Adrenergy Research Innovations has created strategic partnerships with a host of complementary companies.
These partnerships strengthens the services and efficiency of the organisation.

 Saints Media

A software development company, established in 2001. The synergy with Saints Media allows Adrenergy to leverage the use of their data management and monitoring tools, as well as the development of custom software to meet any research requirements with reduced time lines and at negligible / no cost. 

The INHERIT Foundation

A non-profit organization.
Adrenergy often collaborates with the INHERIT FOUNDATION on charitable and community based projects.
These projects range from donations to healthcare facilities, training programmes, children's home christmas parties, christmas parties for kids with renal diseases, etc.

Tesla Institute

A training institute.
 This partnership has allowed Adrenergy to provide free research training and internship to graduate student in the numerous aspects of research. This annual course has been conducted successfully over the last 4 years yielding numerous graduates who have been placed in employment in various research organisations and research studies.


A group of private medical facilities and dialysis centre

Clinical Research Labs

A fully fledge Clinical Research Laboratory offering sample processing, testing, storage and management. 


(Saints Media Audience Response Technology)